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This quarterly concert series facilitates a point of contact between up-and-coming young local artists and established names in the music industry. Performances take place in our 500-seater auditorium and a range of presentations are offered: High School Big Bands, open dress rehearsals of the Pretoria Symphony Orchestra and top end individual performances. The spectacular cross-pollination of styles ensures that these concerts are well-loved. Regularly visit this page and our What’s Happening page for more info.

Hatfield Arts Centre - Workshops

From time to time our local, national and international relationships with well-known artists in the music industry make it possible to facilitate master classes.


These classes will be advertised on this website, so visit this page regularly or our What’s Happening page for more info. Kindly take note that from time to time classes are advertised at short notice because of the travelling itineraries of our guest lecturers.


The experience of a master class is not to be missed!

Hatfield Arts Centre - Workshops

Hatfield Arts Centre runs workshops once a term where students from the various academies get together for a morning of creative expression. Specific themes are explored depending on the facilitator's field of expertise. Students thoroughly enjoy these workshop mornings and learn how to practically apply what it means to be a creative, collaborative person.

We offer a wide range of creative opportunities through our short courses, which make it easy to find something that appeals to you. Different courses are presented at various times of the year, so be sure to visit this page regularly to see what is happening.


We offer a number of Worship Academies throughout the year. These Academies are grounded in a relational, mentoring journey and the aim is to grow worshippers of God in their calling, gifting and character. We believe in connecting with authentic people and encouraging an excellence of spirit.

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