This quarterly concert series facilitates a point of contact between up-and-coming young local artists and established names in the music industry. Performances take place in our 500-seater auditorium and a range of presentations are offered: High School Big Bands, open dress rehearsals of the Pretoria Symphony Orchestra and top end individual performances. The spectacular cross-pollination of styles ensures that these concerts are well-loved. Regularly visit this page and our What’s Happening page for more info. 

Upcoming Events by Hatfield-In-Concert

Previous Events

Lovesongs under the Stars

Jazz under the Stars

Young Soek and Johann Guitar Duo 13 Oct 2018

Heritage Celebration Concert 22 Sept 2017

Workshop Day: Playing in the Band! Sept 2017

Christmas Celebration November 2016

19 November


Year-end Concert

Time: 18h00 - 20h00

Year-End Concert November 2016

Pop and Jazz Evening June 2016

Richard Lewis - Welsh Concert Pianist 2015

#FGF Night June 2017

#FGF Night November 2016

World in a Suitcase Ensemble June 2016

Christmas Carols Event 2015​