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Our dream is to see the creative arts redeemed through quality education that develops the potential of every student within a nurturing, creative environment.

What we offer


Learn easy-to-play songs, some theory as well as how to improvise and play by ear. Classes range from basic to intermediate levels.


Learn chords, and various techniques designed to make playing the guitar easy. A catalogue of songs is also made available.


Learn drumming patterns and techniques and how to apply them to songs.

(Classes range from basic to advanced levels, unless otherwise indicated.)


Be coached through a 'gym programme' that will improve your voice, sound production and breathing techniques. Extend the repertoire of songs that you enjoy singing.

Classical Instruments

We offer tuition in a variety of classical instruments such as piano, violin, cello, flute and classical guitar. Contact us if your instrument of choice has not been listed to see if we can arrange lessons for you.

Colourstrings Thumbnails (1).png

Colourstrings group lessons provides the opportunity for young children to acquire a love of music, and to develop musicianship and early instrumental skills in a completely integrated way. 


Times will be arranged individually between the student/parent and the teacher.


R470.00 per month for On-Campus Group lessons | thirty minutes lessons | two students per group 

R540.00 per month for Online lessons| thirty-minute lessons

Annual registration fee of R185.00


Four terms during a year. Lessons run parallel to the Gauteng school terms.

For term dates go to the 'What's happening" page.


Targeted age group: 5 – 6yrs | Day: Thursdays | 7 weeks per term | Time: 14:30 – 15:00 | Fee: R800

Colourstrings group lessons provide the opportunity for young children to grow their love of music, and to develop their musicianship in a completely integrated way. Everything starts with singing, which helps to develop inner hearing and intonation.  Play and imagination are central to the approach. Music classes involve most of the senses, taking the children on a musical journey and exploring the different musical concepts – rhythm, pitch, melody, dynamics, tempo, character, form and style – through singing, body and instrumental percussion, movement and socialising. Pictures, stories and games bring these musical points alive so that children learn subconsciously and effortlessly. The aim is to give young children an opportunity to mature musically, physically, socially and emotionally in order to be better prepared for the demands of taking instrumental lessons.

What makes us unique

We aim to facilitate a more holistic and balanced method of teaching people to explore their God-given creativity. Our experienced teachers have realised that when teaching is primarily focused on examinations the joy, musicianship and listening abilities of students sadly take a back seat.


Our goal is to encourage students to explore their understanding of what being creative means within their particular discipline.

Meet our teachers

Nehemie Munduku.jpg

Nehemie Munduku



Werner Louw

Guitar/Acoustic/Bass Guitar/Ukulele

Herve Yav_edited.jpg

Herve Yav

Piano/Keyboard/Jazz Piano


Kagiso Tsotetsi

Piano/Keyboard/Classical Piano


Iyanda Willemse

Piano/Keyboard/Classical Piano/ Vocals

Lentia v Rooyen HAC_edited.jpg

Lentia van Rooyen



Kgali Ndebele



Cebile Sikhakhane


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