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How we began

The history of the Hatfield Arts Centre (HAC) has three different roots: NOVO Factories, Hatfield Music Publishing and Worship Academy. These three initiatives have a history of their own and by the end of 2008, it was decided that in order for them to grow and continue to bear more fruit we needed to bring them under one umbrella: the Hatfield Arts Centre.

Our story

In January 2005 Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria East saw the need to equip people in music, fine arts and drama and started up NOVO Creative Ministries. On Fridays and Saturdays, an average of 40 to 50 people would attend music and singing lessons as well as painting classes. Drama and prophetic workshops were also organised several times per year.


In January 2007 NOVO became a part of the worship department of Hatfield Christian Church under the leadership of Gerben Grooten, and a classical music academy was added to the rock, pop and jazz lessons being given. Piano, Classical Guitar, Conducting, Flute, French Horn, Trumpet, Saxophone, Violin and Cello were added to the existing curriculum.

By 2009 student numbers had doubled and music rooms were built next to Create Coffee Shop. From January 2010 lessons were extended from Monday through Saturday and specific workshops were also presented. Students have really enjoyed the workshop mornings, getting together with other students and expressing their creativity. It is here that they can practically apply what it means to be a creative, reflective person. Classes are mostly given in small groups geared to best facilitate a specific creative discipline and develop listening abilities and collaborative thinking; qualities so needed in this century.


Since 2008 we have had over 3000 students go through the Arts Centre, many of whom went on to study music at tertiary institutions. Teachers employed by Hatfield Arts Centre are of the best in Gauteng and many are currently actively involved in the music industry at a high level.

In 2016 we rebranded the Hatfield Arts Centre replacing the name NOVO with Music Academy.

Where we are today

In 2024 Hatfield Christian School took the Music Academy under its wing and continued the same offerings. We offer weekly group and private lessons, aligned with the HCS term calendar, in contemporary, orchestral and classical music.


There is a wide range of instruments on offer and we look forward to growing and expanding in the years to come, offering students a broad and enriched musical experience. 

Graeme Holloway.jpg
Mr Graeme Holloway
Executive Head

Graeme Holloway, originally from KwaZulu-Nata, embodies a deep commitment to Christian education. As a devoted family man, he leads by example in both his personal and professional life. Graeme is known for his attentive and listening leadership style, staying attuned to the latest trends in education.


Currently serving as the Executive Principal of Hatfield Christian School, he plays a pivotal role in guiding the institution towards excellence. Graeme Holloway's passion for Christian education, combined with his leadership qualities, reflects his dedication to nurturing a thriving academic environment at Hatfield Christian School.

Graeme Holloway's keen understanding and fervent passion for music education were pivotal in the integration of the Hatfield Arts Centre – Music Academy into Hatfield Christian School. Recognizing the value of music as a vital component of holistic education, he championed this initiative, ensuring that more students have access to a rich and diverse music program.


This move reflects his commitment to enriching the school's curriculum and providing students with further opportunities to explore and develop their musical talents as part of their broader educational experience.

Caitlin Smart.jpg
Mrs  Caitlin Smart
Academy Coordinator

Caitlin Smart's musical journey began early in her life, sparking a deep love for the piano that guided her academic and professional path. Excelling in her studies, she achieved a distinction in her Grade 8 UNISA exam during her matric year.


Caitlin pursued her passion for music alongside her academic endeavors, furthering her education in musical education while completing her Bachelor of Education degree, specializing in Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phase, at the University of Pretoria. Since 2010, Caitlin has been dedicated to teaching, driven by her commitment to delivering quality education.

Known for her organization skills and meticulous attention to detail, she is excited to embark on the new journey with Hatfield Christian School and the Hatfield Arts Centre Music Academy, bringing her expertise and enthusiasm to this innovative venture.

Werner Louw.jpg
Werner Louw
Music Coordinator

Werner Louw brings a wealth of experience to the music industry, having dedicated nearly 27 years to a career filled with teaching, performing, and collaborating. With over two decades of teaching experience, Werner has honed his skills in guiding aspiring musicians in mastering the guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele. In 2021, he expanded his teaching portfolio by joining the Hatfield Arts Centre as a guitar instructor.


As a versatile performing artist, Werner has graced stages across notable venues, including The Atterbury Theatre, Barnyard Theatre, and The Rockwood Theatre. His roles have varied from singer and guitar player to music director, showcasing his diverse talent. Werner's passion for music shines through his collaborations with various artists, bringing fresh sounds and variety to every performance.


In 2014, Werner embarked on a significant milestone by releasing an album with his original music group, “Earls Of Arc.” The album, titled "Laundromat," is available for download on Apple Music and other digital platforms, inviting listeners to experience the unique blend of sounds that Werner has to offer.

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