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Jemma Baker

The Arts Centre is cool because they didn't just teach me how to play my instrument, they showed me how to enjoy playing it and they inspired me to be creative and make my own sounds.

Unami Kombanie

HAC opened my ears to all the possibilities and pushed me to develop my talent. It's the push I needed to challenge what I knew and grow.

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Jabin Robbie

I like doing music lessons, because my teacher at Hatfield Arts Centre teaches me how to make music and music makes me feel happy and free.


Talitha Lewis

The Hatfield Arts Centre stimulates more than just my musical senses and makes me more than just a musician. It makes me see every little thing in a harmonious, lyrical and sweet-sounding way.

Katy Watt

Joining the Arts Centre has been a wonderfully redeeming experience. As a child all I wanted to do was express myself freely on the piano, but I feared 'making mistakes' because of past experiences. Through my piano lessons at HAC I’ve found so much freedom from that fear and creativity in all aspects of my life for which I am so grateful!

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